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What we do

What Does PowerPure Do?

We use a combination of tools to stop damage and wear in your systems caused by contaminants. Irrespective of the specific type of equipment, any piece of equipment that uses fluid, (fuel, oil and or hydraulic oil), requires a consistent fluid monitoring and continuous data collection schedule to ensure optimum operating effectiveness.

Lubrication Fluid Analysis

Provides the following information:PPPhoto1

  • Viscosity
  • Acid Level
  • Water Saturation
  • Glycol Contamination
  • Fuel Dilution
  • Soot Levels
  • Silicate Particulate
  • Metal Particulate
    (which indicates component wear and which components are wearing)
  • Oxidation Levels
  • General Particulate Levels and Size of Particulates
  • Additive Degradation

Data Analysis

From this data, we can determine and/or predict:PPPhoto2

  • Fluid Quality
  • Component Failure
  • Improper Air Fuel Mix in Engines
  • Seal Degradation
  • Coolant Leaks in Engines and Hydraulic Systems
  • Algae Growth
  • System Corrosion
  • Viscosity Changes


PowerPure Utilizes the following equipment in different combinations to dramatically reduce and/or predict system failure due to lubrication and fluid contamination issues.PPPhoto3

  • Traditional Filtration
  • Micronic and Submicronic Filtration
  • On Board Oil Recycling
  • Powerful Magnet Filtration
  • Water Removal Equipment
  • High Quality Breathers
  • Desiccant Breathers
  • Extreme Pressure, Heat and Contamination Fluid Additives


  • Fluid Conditioners
  • Metal Restoration Treatments


  • Monitoring and Data Collection Equipment
    — Flow
    — Pressure
    — Temperature
    — Rotation Speed
    — Particle Count
    — Water Content Detection and Monitoring
  •  Bearing Diagnostic Tools
  • Oil Analysis (This is Your Most Critical Tool)

PowerPure is Your Single Source Uptime Solution

PowerPure does not merely sell components and then expect the customer to be successful. We offer a full turnkey program which includes:

  • Evaluating each piece of equipment and its contribution to production.
  • Monitoring equipment fluids.
  • Recommending specific ways to increase reliability of each piece of equipment.
  • Installing the necessary equipment to maintain the fluids.
  • Providing data and analysis and making recommendations on fluids, filtration and equipment.
  • Maintaining data and providing trend lines to the customer.

Optimum Power – Optimum Profit

PowerPure specializes in maintenance systems and technologies designed to decrease downtime and improve performance of diesel, gasoline and hydraulic-based equipment. Our complete line of filtration systems, additives and monitoring equipment have a well-proven and documented return on investment (ROI) and successful use for more than 30 years.