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Product Line


KleenOil Bypass Filtration

  • Benefits
    • Removes contamination in hydraulic and oil fluids to one micronKleenoilImage
    • Also removes 99.95% of the water within hydraulic and oil fluids
    • Inexpensive and simple to install, use and maintain
  • Results
    • Extends oil life a minimum of 4 times
    • Dramatically Extends life of engine and hydraulic components
    • Improves availability and uptime by eliminating unplanned downtime

PowerUp Additive

  • Benefits
    • Extreme Pressure Lubrication CapabilitiesPowerUp
    • Synergetic to improve fluid performance by increasing stability, preventing and reducing acid and sludge
    • Strong detergents eliminate lacquers, maintain injectors and other components.
  • Results
    • Improved fuel economy – up to 10%
    • Reduced friction and resulting component wear
    • Reduced emissions

BioMatrix Oil Absorb

  • Benefits
    • Completely encapsulates oil and other hydrocarbons for safe and easy cleanup.BioMatrix
    • Breaks down the oil into non-toxic, biodegradable, nutrient-rich material in as little as six months
    • EPA approved for dumps and tilling into the ground
  • Results
    • Reduces clean up costs by avoiding hazmat category cleanup